Go Beyond Simple

Data Mining

Uncover TRULY qualified opportunities

Uncover and create the qualified opportunities.

Communicate these opportunities to your customers easily, efficiently, and on their terms.

Increase your sales and retain your customers with the power of data

Uncover TRULY qualified buyers and focus your team’s efforts on customers most likely to do business with your dealership.

Waiting for ups to come on the lot, customers to pull on the drive, or sorting through a sea of cold leads is not only an inefficient use of your team’s time, but is also an unsustainable business plan in today’s market. Your DMS has a wealth of data, but falls short of turning that data into opportunities. That’s where Envision comes in.

Envision’s logic discovers opportunities for customers who can upgrade their vehicle based not only on equity, but also customers in your service department, leasing customers who can pull ahead, cash conversions, conquest customers who did not purchase but utilize your service department, and NonPrime customers in good standing.

Envision discovers the opportunity, creates the best deal using customer habits, OEM incentives, and current inventory. The only thing you need to do is close the deal!

But what about Service? We got that covered too! Envision brings service opportunities to your fingertips for customers at risk of becoming lapsed, inactive, or lost, customers with service due, and those who have declined recommendations. As they say… Sales sells the first car, Service sells the rest!

Increase retention, ensuring customers who have done business with you continue to do so.

Customer retention is the name of the game. Envision uses data from customers who have done business with you and helps to ensure they continue to do so, before they become your competition’s customer. All valuable customer information is brought into one place. Sales history, Service history, owned vehicles, communication preferences, notes and all available opportunities.

Text and email communications within the app where the information is, without the need of integrations or multiple platforms

Envision has uncovered and created the opportunity, now we need to bring the customer in on the conversation. Two-way text and email communications are handled right in the platform, without the need to utilize yet another piece of software to communicate the opportunity to your customer. Share the deal sheet, work the deal, set the appointment and close the sale.

Intuitive, targeted and focused campaigns = higher ROI.

We have paired the power of the Envision Opportunity Mining Tool with an intuitive marketing platform that doesn’t require a marketing degree to use. Easily create email and text campaigns to suit your dealership’s needs. Campaign audiences can be as broad or targeted as desired to gain the most ROI.

Never miss an opportunity. Reach customers at the right time, with the right message, all with zero user input.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach your customers at the exact right time, with the right information, and never miss an opportunity? Well, you can do just that with Envision Automations. Sales and Service appointment reminders, similar/better payments, lease term ending, declines services, and more default automations. Simply set your triggers, actions, and communications to ensure your customers hear from you exactly when they need to.