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Thank You to all our business ambassadors.
At Core Dealer Services we strive to build innovative tools and sound relationships within the automotive business, our primary goal is to ensure the overall success of your organization.

Core Dealer Services ambassador Dueck Automotive Group

“I have worked directly or indirectly with Ted over a period of 20 years. I have found him to be a good communicator and someone that puts the needs of his clients first. The launch of his new company is exciting and I look forward to seeing Ted and the product in our dealerships soon.”

– Jim Rossitter Senior Vice-President & CEO - Dueck Automotive Group
Core Dealer Services ambassador Black Isle Consultants

“Ted is one of the brightest executives in the automobile industry. Not only is he accomplished at the retail level, he also has a distinguished career with the manufacturers. When you work with Ted you can always count on a gentleman that stands by his word.”

– Barry Kuntz - Managing Director at Black Isle Consultants
Core Dealer Services ambassador Hyatt Auto Group

“Ted is an excellent communicator and can sell an idea. He is liked and respected by our team members. He is resourceful and always worked hard to provide excellent support to myself and my team. I recommend Ted Lancaster highly. He is a quality individual.”

– Perry Itzcovitch – Hyatt Automotive Group
Core Dealer Services ambassador Hyundai

“Ted is a passionate leader who inspires his team to reach their objectives and beyond. He creates a team environment and helps his staff and business partners break down barriers that are in the way of success. And one more thing - when you work with Ted you're bound to have some fun.”

- Kirk Merrett - Human Resources Leader at Hyundai Auto