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to the next level.

Envision and Pure work in combination to help even the best dealerships discover new sales and better track the information that matters.

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Why Choose Core

Because at Core we ask the questions most important to you and we know the answers.

Are there opportunities I am missing and how many?
Yes you most likely are and there are an unlimited number of opportunities if you are leveraging your database effectively.

How can I keep my expenses in line and build more profit?
Through management of personnel expenses and investing in tools that drive profit and lower other overhead expenses.

Why is my team not using the CRM the way it is meant to be?
Often it is complexity, a simpler solution will empower your team and drive better results.

What are my sales people doing when not with a customer?
Unfortunately, they are most likely not doing as much as they could to support the business.

What if

You could invest in a technology that ensures your data is used to support growing your business. Would you?

You could ensure you salespeople are proactive when not directly involved with a customer. Would that be of value?

Your sales people were handed all the data about service customers in a format that makes it easy for them to engage the customer. Would that make sense?

A tool was available that did the work you truly intended your CRM to do. Would that be a good investment?

A technology was presented to you that would increase your overall results, address key overheads in personnel and at the same time reduce turnover. Would that be a product for you?

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Consulting Services to Ensure Your Dealership Can Achieve the Best Results

We are dedicated to the success of your operations, that is why we offer at no additional cost a one time review of your operations. This is to help you discover ways in which you can leverage the CDS Platform to its fullest potential and maximize operations. Our review is focused on connecting your business to your customers. The primary areas of focus include:


A look at the overall sales department both new and used operations are reviewed for optimal efficiency.


A look at where you advertise, what you advertise and social/digital performance.

Fixed Operations

A look at inventory management, days to turn, hours per RO and shop efficiency.

Staffing and Compensation

How does your dealership measure up to your peers? Do you have the right people, benefits and pay plan? Let’s have a discussion.

Overall Dealership

A look at overall operations from the lot display to parking and all CX elements you and your customers care about.