Core Dealer Services CEO Ted Lancaster

Ted Lancaster

Ted has spent most of his career in the automotive sector. His career began on the sales floor where he learned about the importance of customer service and providing exceptional experiences for the dealership’s clients. Ted was fortunate to work with people that gave him the opportunity to learn and he quickly advanced to roles of business manager and sales manager before heading to his first OEM position at Honda.

Over a span of 20 years Ted has worked with some of the strongest companies in the market, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan and his most recent OEM role as the COO of Kia Canada found him leading a dedicated team of dealers and employees to renewed success.

Ted is still very thankful for the dedication of his dealers and his staff, because in 2018 for the 2017 calendar year Ted was recognized as having the highest employee engagement globally for Kia markets and was also awarded the 2018 Global Distributor of the Year for the Americas. To this day he commends the work of his staff and the collaboration of the dealer network for this honour.

Core Dealer Servces Ted Lancaster Distributor of the Year Award
Ted Lancaster Distributor of the Year Award 2018.

After stepping down from his role at Kia, Ted moved back to the retail space and assisted with the acquisition of a US dealership for a highly successful Canadian Dealer Group before joining the 401 Auto Group.

During his time at the 401 Group his interest in technology grew and he began to seek out opportunities to leverage his knowledge and the feedback dealers had passed on to him as “gaps in the tools that support the dealers business”. This is when the concept for CDS came to fruition.

Ted spent one more year in the retail space at the Plaza Auto Group, a family owned business for over 65 years. There he helped streamline the company’s policies and procedures, implemented changes to the marketing and branding of the business and worked with the family to modernize its overall business operations and expand the group into other markets.

Ted has also enjoyed speaking about the industry in such forums as Thought Leadership Summits – CX, Skills Canada – Automotive, Panelist for AJAC and CIAS, Lakehead University Student Business Association and 3 years presenting at IoT events.

Now after many successful years in the business Ted is thrilled to be able to provide a product that is a culmination of his learnings from dealers across North America and the OEMs that support them.

“It is my goal to provide you with the tools that you as dealers have told me are necessary to help your business be the most successful it can be. Over the years I assure you I have listened, taken my notes, and ensured your voice was heard. This product is the result of all those years of knowledge passed on to me placed carefully into a technology that will provide you and your customers with results beyond expectations.”

Ted Lancaster
President & CEO
Core Dealer Services Inc.